2in1 storages - Two-in-one calorifier/buffer store for heat pumps

The system consists of two cylinders in a single body:  the upper tank is a calorifier for the production and storage of domestic hot water (DHW) equipped with a high efficiency heat exchanger that can be powered by a heat pump, while the lower tank is a primary water buffer store for the heating system that is also fed by a heat pump.



- 2in1 – Buffer + hot water tank
- 2in1(X)-xx1 – Buffer-/ DHW storage integrated
- 2in1 FRESH(1/2)-xx1 – Two-in-one buffer store for heat pumps

Our company and team have been operating in the industry for 20 years, as representatives for Hungary of Italian HEIZER and other HVAC products. Our product portfolio includes all types of hot water tanks, both glasslined and in stainless steel, hot/cold water buffer tanks, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, thermal interface units, plate heat exchangers, hydrofor, expansion vessels, expanders, boilers, hybrid systems.


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