PUWD series - Buffers with internal heat exchanger

Carbon steel tank without internal surface protection, with 2 heat exchangers, 8-9 connections (stratified water tank)

Carbon steel buffer tank with insulation, for heating systems, with two internal welded heat exchangers. It is most often used in the case of solar collector, heat pump and gas engine systems.

Version: without internal surface protection, provided with anti-corrosion paint on the outside, accordingly, it is designed for the operation of closed-system hot water heating systems when a direct storage tank is connected. For each capacity, F 1 1/2" connections (except for heat exchangers), so even smaller tanks are ideal for high volume flow systems. Insulation Polyurethane rigid foam insulation up to a capacity of 400 liters, removable PU foam insulation from 500 liters, with skay covering.


Our company and team have been operating in the industry for 20 years, as representatives for Hungary of Italian HEIZER and other HVAC products. Our product portfolio includes all types of hot water tanks, both glasslined and in stainless steel, hot/cold water buffer tanks, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, thermal interface units, plate heat exchangers, hydrofor, expansion vessels, expanders, boilers, hybrid systems.


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